Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Watch out Local, State, Federal Lawmakers!

All those complacent elected local, state and Federal lawmakers better start considering what they are going to do when they are elected OUT of office in the next couple of years.

The Students across America, particularly those in the graduating classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020, are going to be registering to VOTE as soon as they turn 18, so there will be LOTS of new voters who will remember those lawmakers who have sided with the NRA and the current crop of wimps, who are afraid to show their moral convictions against violence perpetrated against women and students!!!!!!!!! 

WAKE UP Lawmakers, your days in office are surely numbered.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Loch Ness, Series 1

We just finished watching this "Scottish" series.  

Very well done, the murders are "ghastly", however, one does NOT "witness" them, just the aftermath.

At the near conclusion, when the real perpetrator is revealed it was "I didn't see that coming!" moment.  Everyone else really could have done it........

Scenery is lovely, and "lonely".  The one lane cliff side roads are amazing.

This series ranks up there with the DCI Banks and Janet King series.

Two thumbs up on this one, give it a try.👍👍

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dick's Sporting Goods I

This headline from CBS website

Dick's Sporting Goods will stop selling assault weapons

Although it is likely they will lose some business with this decision, I congratulate them for taking this stand against the NRA.

Monday, February 26, 2018

USA held Hostage by NRA

Current population of the United States of America ----  323.1 Million

Current membership of the NRA  5 Million

Current number of AR style firearms in the United States of America  12 Million

So 5 Million NRA members are holding the rest of the USA population - 318.1 Million -citizens HOSTAGE over Gun Control!  Seems to me that it is time for the 318.1 Million folks to take back control of their elected officials, who have been "bought off" by the NRA!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

NRA Blood money to Congress

Here are the TOP 10 United States Elected Officials who have received contributions from the NRA

Top 5 Senators With the Most Contributions From the NRA

John McCain (R, AZ) – $7.74 million

Richard Burr (R, NC) – $6.99 million

Roy Blunt (R, MO) – $4.55 million

Thom Tillis (R, NC) – $4.42 million

Cory Gardner (R, CO) – $3.88 million

Top 5 Representatives With the Most Contributions From the NRA

French Hill (R, AR) – $1.09 million

Ken Buck (R, CO) – $800,544

David Young (R, IA) – $707,662

Mike Simpson, (R, ID) – $385,731

Greg Gianforte (R, MT) – $344,630

Time to have sensible Gun Control measures ----- HOW many more schools have to have this happen before those currently in office take control????  
Good ON THOSE STUDENTS who are speaking out about Stopping this! 

Friday, February 16, 2018


Maybe, JUST maybe, after a school shooting, it is time for the communities to send the re-construction bills of schools to the NRA, and let them have to come to terms with these horrific events!

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace beautiful souls of Parkland.