Thursday, December 29, 2016

Quote of the day-----Goodreada

Unreal friendship may turn to real
But real friendship, once ended, cannot be mended

T.S. Eliot

On December 29, 1170, Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was murdered at Canterbury Cathedral by four knights who believed King Henry II wanted him dead. Written and first performed in 1935, Murder in the Cathedral is T.S. Eliot’s verse dramatization of the assassination. The play is Eliot’s best known drama. The poet went on to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1948. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Quote of the Day-----Goodreads

The most truly generous persons are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward.

Carol Ryrie Brink

Carol Ryrie Brink (December 28, 1895 – August 15, 1981) was an American author who wrote more than 30 books for both children and adults. Her novel Caddie Woodlawn, whose title character was modeled on the maternal grandmother who raised Brink after she was orphaned, won the 1936 Newbery Medal. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Proverbs 19:1 King James Version

Today in my daily meditation reading I came across this profound verse 

Proverbs 19:1King James Version (KJV)

 Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.

Possibly someone should pass this along to the President elect to consider.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Wrecking Crew ----- documentary

And you thought that the groups listed above on the cover played their own music!
This is a great documentary.
Glen Campbell was a member of The Wrecking Crew before he became well known with his own musical career, as was Leon Russell.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Quote of the day------Goodreads

Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card.

Marc Brown

Marc Brown (born November 25, 1946) created the bestselling children’s book series Arthur, which follows the adventures of an eight-year-old anthropomorphic aardvark and his friends. An Emmy-winning animated TV series has been just as successful, with celebrity voices by Neil Gaiman, Yo-Yo Ma, Larry King, and more. 

Happy Birthday, and thank you Marc, for promoting library cards!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Genius, a film

Genius, a film starring Colin Firth as Maxwell Perkins, and Jude Law as Thomas Wolfe.

Set during the 1920's - so there was NO bad language in this film, how refreshing.

Jude portrays Thomas very well indeed, as did Colin as the world renowned editor Max, who "discovered" both Ernest Hemingway, and F.Scott Fitzgerald.

Thomas Wolfe had been turned down by numerous publishing houses, until his 5,000 manuscript is read by Max.  Over the course of this film Max and Thomas become "friends". Max is a thorough editor, and Thomas is a good "student" in learning how to self edit.  

Thomas wrote only 2 books.

Well worth watching,

Friday, November 18, 2016

Froma Harrop editorial 11-18-16

Froma's editorial concerning Facebook, or not, 11-18-16, is very thoughtful, and is exactly why I do not use Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has created a monster, or perhaps, it is just that those who are addicted to Facebook lack common sense about what they say.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Poetic Justice Indeed!

Patriots' fans are bemoaning the fact that their game was lost in the same way that our Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl in 2014 to the Patriots.

Duh, do you think that the coach and Brady were in some sort of haze?

Seattle Seahawks Victory over New England Patriots!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD Win Seahawks!!!!!! Those poor Patriots didn't know what they were up against!!!!!!

Good Job Sherman!!!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Do We need a New National Anthem?

Some of my co-workers have suggested that maybe our country needs a New National Anthem, hmmmm perhaps Abba's
        Money, Money, Money 

The other suggestion was Benny Hill's theme song

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Aaron Sorkin's letter to his daughters

Aaron Sorkin’s defiant letter to his daughter on Trump's win goes viral

Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar-winning script-writer for shows like “The West Wing” and “The Newsroom,” wrote an extremely personal message to the women in his life on Wednesday, following Donald Trump’s presidential victory. Sorkin penned a letter to his 15-year-old daughter, Roxy, and her mother, Julia, which he shared with Vanity Fair.
He began the message by acknowledging the presidential election results, saying, “Well, the world changed late last night in a way I couldn’t protect us from. That’s a terrible feeling for a father. I won’t sugarcoat it -- this is truly horrible.”
  • He went on to call the president-elect “a thoroughly incompetent pig with dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn.”
Sorkin also made note of Trump’s outspoken followers, writing, “The Klan won last night. White nationalists. Sexists, racists and buffoons. Angry young white men who think rap music and Cinco de Mayo are a threat to their way of life (or are the reason for their way of life) have been given cause to celebrate. Men who have no right to call themselves that and who think that women who aspire to more than looking hot are shrill, ugly and otherwise worthy of our scorn rather than our admiration struck a blow for misogynistic deleted  everywhere.”
“We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of our children and the world,” he continued.
But then the dad addressed ways to move forward both on a personal level and as a nation.
“First of all, we remember that we’re not alone. A hundred million people in America and a billion more around the world feel exactly the same way we do,” he wrote. “Second, we get out of bed. The Trumpsters want to see people like us (Jewish, ‘coastal elites,’ educated, socially progressive, Hollywood...) sobbing and wailing and talking about moving to Canada. I won’t give them that and neither will you. Here’s what we’ll do... we’ll deleted. (Roxy, there’s a time for this kind of language and it’s now.) We’re not powerless and we’re not voiceless.”
He went on to acknowledge his own privilege and noted that he plans to use it to help others.
“Our family is fairly insulated from the effects of a Trump presidency, so we fight for the families that aren’t,” he wrote. “We fight for a woman to keep her right to choose. We fight for the First Amendment and we fight mostly for equality -- not for a guarantee of equal outcomes but for equal opportunities. We stand up.”

Sorkin concluded, “America didn’t stop being America last night, and we didn’t stop being American. And here’s the thing about Americans: Our darkest days have always -- always -- been followed by our finest hours.”
The note ended with one last message to his daughter, saying, “Your tears last night woke me up, and I’ll never go to sleep on you again.”

Quote of the Day-----Goodreads

It is my belief that books are living things.... And as living things, they need to be protected.

Holly Black

Holly Black (born November 10, 1971) is a bestselling author of fantasy fiction for children and teens, including the Modern Faerie Tale series, the Curse Workers series, and the Spiderwick Chronicles (with Tony DiTerlizzi). In 2008, the Spiderwick Chronicles was adapted into a film.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Quote of the Day---Goodreads

Books permit us to voyage through time, to tap the wisdom of our ancestors.

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan (born November 9, 1934) popularized science—especially astronomy—for millions of people through his writing and his PBS series, Cosmos. His book of the same name was a bestseller, while his sci-fi novel Contact was adapted into a successful film. His nonfiction work on the evolution of human intelligence, The Dragons of Eden, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1978. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Quote of the Day------Goodreads Happy Election Day 11-8-16

Once a president gets to the White House, the only audience that is left that really matters is history.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

It's Election Day! Doris Kearns Goodwin is a Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian, with bestselling biographies that illuminate the lives of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Lyndon Johnson, and others. At age 24 she served as a White House Fellow, working directly with Johnson. Presidential politics run in the family: She’s married to Richard N. Goodwin, a former political adviser and White House speechwriter. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Eve of Destruction

Listening to a great "Oldies" station, and the song from the past
        "Eve Of Destruction" 
played......   Listening to the lyrics, it struck me that if Trashmouth wins, we just may be on the Eve of Destruction!!!!!!!

Quote of the Day-----Goodreads

Claim your space. Draw a circle of light around it. Push back against the dark. Don't just survive. Celebrate.

Charles Frazier

Charles Frazier (born November 4, 1950) is the bestselling author of Nightwoods, Thirteen Moons, and Cold Mountain—the last not only won a National Book Award but was adapted into a 2003 film starring Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, and RenĂ©e Zelwegger (who won an Oscar for her role). Frazier's native North Carolina has served as inspiration for his historical novels; in fact, the story goes that his wife persuaded him to quit his teaching job at North Carolina State University to write full-time, which resulted in the publication of Cold Mountain. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quote of the Day-----Goodreads

A book is not supposed to be a mirror. It's supposed to be a door.

Fran Lebowitz

Fran Lebowitz (born October 27, 1950) is known for her humorous, witty social commentary. She was hired in the 1970s by Andy Warhol to write a column for Interview magazine, and from that pivotal moment she got other big breaks—writing for Mademoiselle magazine and then publishing two bestselling collections of essays, Metropolitan Life and Social Studies (both later combined in The Fran Lebowitz Reader). She’s also the author of a children’s book, Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas. 

Happy Birthday Fran!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Eugene Robinson's editorial 10-18-16

Eugene Robinson's editorial for 10-18-16 is Right On.
We all need to take heed of his words.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dana Milbank's editorial 10-17-16

Interesting editorial from Dana in the Everett Herald 10-17-16.
We all need to consider his words.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Eye on the 60's : the iconic photography of Rowland Scherman

We watched  "Eye on the 60's, the iconic photography of Rowland Scherman the other evening.
Above are some of his more famous photos.
Top photo is of Rowland as a young man starting out in his career.
The others "speak" for themselves.
Very interesting life he has lead.
Hope you will consider watching this one.

Fran Lebowitz : Public Speaking , a Martin Scorses film

Fran Lebowitz in Public Speaking, a Martin Scorsese film.

We watched this film last night. Four Stars!

Fran is exquisite in Public Speaking.  She is at times Witty, Humorous, Serious, but always "straight" talking - in that you know where she is coming from. It would be very interesting to be at one of her public appearances to watch her interaction with the audience.

Give it a try.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quote of the Day-------Goodreads

Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (born October 13, 1925) served as Britain’s prime minister from 1979 to 1990, achieving political fame the likes of which had not been seen since the days of Winston Churchill. Interestingly the Iron Lady, as she was known, had studied chemistry at the University of Oxford before embarking on a career of public service. Her memoirs, The Downing Street Years and The Path to Power, take a look back, while her book Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World looks to the future. 

Double edged sword with this quote - normally I would agree with it, however, there seem to be TOO many "sheep" following "Trashmouth".  I am sure that if she were alive today, she would retract this statement.  She's probably spinning in her grave with what's going on in our political arena. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dana Milbank's 10-10-16 editorial

If you haven't read Dana's current column, you might want to.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The White House rule: No Tax Returns, No Job op-ed from NY Times Opinion Page 10-6-16

                                                Norman Eisen

                                      Richard Painter

Seriously, Trashmouth doesn't want to provide his tax returns?  Does he NOT support the military?  Does he NOT support education?  By not paying taxes, which has been suggested by the NY Times, he is NOT supporting our military, he does not provide assistance to educating our students!  Of course, his children have all gone to private schools no doubt!

The op-ed co-written by the above 2 gentlemen, provide a very interesting view as to why the most important position in our country should very well provide his tax returns!

Shame on you Trashmouth!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quote of the Day-----Goodreads

What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.

Marshall B. Rosenberg

Marshall B. Rosenberg (born October 6, 1934) was a psychologist who founded the Center for Nonviolent Communication, which has provided training worldwide to help resolve differences peacefully—on a personal, professional, and political level. The center, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, emerged from his work with civil rights activists in the 1960s and from his experiences growing up in an inner-city Detroit neighborhood, where violence was not uncommon. His books include Nonviolent Communication, Raising Children Compassionately, and Speaking Peace.

Now if only Trashmouth would try a some of this, however, that seems not likely to happen.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fat-Shamer In Chief by Timothy Egan

If you haven't read NY Times' columnist's editorial from September 30, 2016, you might want to take a few moments and look it up and give it a read.

Can ALL these columnists be wrong?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Doyle McManus editorial from 9-29-16

I missed reading the Skagit Valley Herald on 9-29-16, so at lunch today I decided to read yesterday's paper.

Doyle McManus had a very thoughtful editorial, regarding why Trashmouth should not be elected Commander in Chief.


Charles Krauthammer's 9-30-16 editorial

Be sure to read Charles' editorial for 9-30-16.
Hits it right on the head!

Trashmouth simply cannot control his emotional outbursts whether they are true or false, and if you disagree with Trashmouth, Watch Out!

Right on Charles!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ann McFeatters editorial 9-23-16

Interesting editorial from Ann McFeatters on 9-23-16.