Monday, March 28, 2011

il granaio, mt vernon, washington

This is Alberto, owner of Il Granaio, in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Voted by KING-5 TV viewers as the BEST Italian restaurant in Western Washington.

This is our very favorite place to take folks to eat, Alberto offers some of the best Italian dishes I have ever had!

Last night, we decided to partake of the Sunset Special. WOW! Four course meal for $15.95. Our server mentioned that the entrees were a bit smaller than, that having been said, I was unable to finish my entree - lucky me, had the "left-overs" for my supper tonight!!!!!

Check out his website,

You won't be disappointed if you have a love affair with Italian food.

Happy eating.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I have been trying to add titles here, but with so many books that I have read it is hard to keep this up to date.

If you are interested in any of the over 500 titles I have read over the years, please consider logging on to
I have just about every subject, be it adult, teen, children's or picture books, they are listed on my page.

If you search for my most recent listing "The Familiars" by Jay Epstein, you should come across Sammy's photo by it. I do not always write reviews, but I do always star my books. There is ONLY one title that I panned in my entire list. My Rule of Thumb for reading and finishing a book is this -If it can't hold my attention for 10 or 15 pages it is not worth my time and so it goes on the onto the not worth reading pile.. Perhaps, you will not agree with everything on my reading list, nor the rating I have given something, I do understand.

You will notice that there are very few mysteries on my list - I gave them up years ago, I don't need to read about someone being murdered for the sake of a story - there is enough violence in our world as is. Just my opinion.

Hope you will take a look.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home to Harmony series by Philip Gulley

Sometimes I need something comfy to read, so I fall back on many different series of books that I own.

Philip Gulley's series of books is just one of my favorites.

Last night I finished the last of the Harmony series, and so tonight I shall begin something checked out from the library.

Philip is a Quaker, and these gentle books revolve around Sam Gardner, a Quaker "minister" in the small town of Harmony. Sam is constantly at odds with several members of his Friends Meeting group. Dale and Fern being the two worst pains in poor Sam's neck.

Books in the Series are

Home to Harmony

Just Shy of Harmony

Signs and Wonders

Life Goes One

A Change of Heart

Almost Friends

Philip also has several non-fiction titles, his writing is just soothing to the soul.

Hope you will consider these, and enjoy.

Friday, March 18, 2011

"The Infidel" a film

"The Infidel" an irreverent film about ethnic differences.

We watched this film last night, as we were watching the previews of other films by this company, James mentioned that he hoped that the movie was better then what they were advertising.

This film will surely offend some, if not for the "f" word, but also for the subject matter. Once we got around the "f" word, we were pleasantly surprised. Since this is a British film, we also had to readjust our listening to the various accents.

Mahmud Nasir is a successful businessman, devoted husband and father, and a "relaxed" Muslim. After the death of his mother, he begins clearing out her home, when he comes upon a document that indicates that he was adopted. Going to the adoption agency leads to a most suprising, disturbing and unpleasant discovery - he is not Muslim by birth, he is JEWISH! This development leads to many comic scenes in Mahmud's path to figure out what to do with his son's upcoming wedding, his wife's suspicions that he is fooling around, and his attempts to meet his birth father, which are thwarted by a rabbi.

The comic scenes are really incredible.

Give it a shot - if the "F" word offends you then I guess you will either have to bite the bullet or forego this film.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Needs Your Assistance

Please consider assisting the people of Japan with a donation to The American Red Cross, The Salavation Army, World Vision, Mercy Corp. There are so many please find one, and do what you can.