Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Theatre in Sabratha

The Theatre in Sabratha
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As a child, I lived in North Africa, 1959-62, where my father was stationed at Wheelus AFB, Tripoli Libya. We used to take day trips to Sabratha. The drama dept staged 'Midsummer Night's Dream' on this stage. It was at night, under a stunning Libyan sky, I shall never forget that night. I would love to go back and visit this again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ending of the tasks

So, this will be my last task entry, and after the initial feeling of unhappiness at trying to learn new tricks, I think that I have gained much confidence in doing the tasks set, although I did have trouble with some, and some I didn't enjoy, but.....

As for my favorite discoveries, well, I learned that you can teach "an old dog new tricks" given enough encouragement, thanks Brina for all your loving kindnesses! I also found that it is enjoyable to be able to listen to music while I am working - love piano jazz...... :-) It has been fun meeting people on the net.

2.0 opened doors to new pathways, and I have been able to suggest websites to certain patrons that I think they will enjoy. Since library patrons basically want to read, I have suggested to many the www.goodreads.com site, and several have joined, and linked up to my site. It has been a good thing to offer to patrons just one more avenue to the book world. I think that we all become creatures of habit, and trying something new, although scary, makes one more receptive to the changing world. I found that having a new task to complete each week motivated me to work hard on the assignment, and to do the very best I was capable of, even if it meant that I needed help. It almost became a joke among my fellow staff mates, that "there she is again working on the 2.0" and "what are you going to do when it ends?"

What surprised me is that I am getting older, and somethings just didn't interest me, some things,like google mapping, plain scared me - I hated thinking that had I been a nude sunbather the day that the google satellite snapped the photo of my neighborhood, I could have been exposed to the whole world..... Big Brother does exist. And that I could post a site on something other than YouTube or Myspace, and meet people that had common interests, plus were closer in age to me, and felt the same way about these sites. I signed up on Eons, and have met several ladies, I stuck with ladies, that I have communicated with, and found interesting to the point that I want to continue communicating with.

As for what could be done differently if another program occurs, I think that it would be good to have more time alloted for each task - so many of the other blogs in the Sno-Isle list, indicated that time was a major factor in why tasks were not completed or not even started. Also, encouragement to offer a little bit more info so that those within the system would feel comfortable to, at least, let others know what branch they worked at, so that we could address them in a more friendly way. When I had time, I would surf through the various blogs, it was interesting to see the differences in the info offered - it should have been more enjoyable to everyone to be involved, maybe it should be voluntary unless there are staff who need to have these experiences in their technical positions.

Yes, I would enjoy being involved in another discovery program if offered.
Thanks for letting us have our say on this.
G'day mate

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Forest stream

Forest stream
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Doesn't this just soothe your soul?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

gaming and all that jazz

Boy, just when you think things are calming down, an assignment comes along that is TOO MUCH fun, and too additive! I had TOO much fun on the free marble game, and TOO much frustration on the Magic game. And then I tried the crazy pool game, that was ok, but I could never get past the 4th level - and usually ended up losing points.
My neck hurt by the time I completed the assignment the first time. These kids that spend hours doing this every day are definitly going to have physical problems.
Over and Out.


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In my colletion of things from my childhood, I have a black and white huge photo of this arch, it was taken by a German photographer/orchestra leader who worked at Wheelus Air Force Base. It is always interesting to see more recent photos of places I remember from my childhood.