Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chef, a movie

Chef, a movie.

We watched this one last night.

Carl Casper, chef at a really trendy place in LA (owner Dustin Hoffman) gets a really crummy review.  Carl, who is a dinosaur of tech stuff, relies on his son to get him on Twitter - what a disaster (well, in the long run maybe not).

Carl and his ex wife go "rounds" over his less then great parenting with his son.

Trip to Miami solves lots of issues, after Carl loses his job.

If you enjoy watching food reality shows, and enjoy eating -  who doesn't? - this is a really fun movie to watch.  Food preparation is really top notch, one can almost smell what's being prepared.

Music lover?  Great Cuban music starting in the Miami scenes.

Hope you will consider.

Forewarning, if you ever watch any of Gordon Ramsey's shows, you know there is lots of the F-word and others, this it seems is part of the food preparation culture.