Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Lady Be Good" stained glass window

"Lady Be Good" stained glass window. Now resides at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio.

This window was designed and installed at the Chapel at Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, Libya after the plane, by the same name, had been found in the Libyan desert in the late 1950's.

My late father was instrumental in the design of the window. He realized that being "guests" of the country of Libya (at that time King Idrus was in power) it would be highly insensitive to design the window with too much religious overtone, so at his suggestion the "rainbow" from the Old Testament was inverted.

When Wheelus AFB was closed in the late 1960's, the window was taken intact from the Chapel and transported to the US.

It is a beautiful piece of art.

Some day I hope to get to Ohio to see it in all its glory. Maybe, you, too, might take a trip and view it.

The story of the "Lady Be Good" is quite interesting, you might want to look it up and read about it..........

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