Monday, November 14, 2011

"The Commitments" a movie by Alan Parker

Alan Parker directed Roddy Doyle's screen version of Roddy's book by the same name.

The Commitments is a musical "comedy" set in Dublin. Warning up front, due to the locale and the folks involved the "F word" is in constant use, we finally were able to get around that......

This film was suggested to my husband by his business partner. Little did we know that about 4 hours later we would finally be finished with the movie (twice) and all the special features. Rarely do we watch all the special features, however, this one was worth every minute. One of the more unusual features was that the director's commentary is spoken over the entire film, Alan describes every little detail about the making of the movie, it was an extraordinary look at the film through his eyes, we appreciated things even more...... So, if you watch it make sure you go back and watch the director's comment.........

Set in Dublin's "gritty North Side" a group of musicians is brought together to become "the working man's soul band".
The music in this film is some of the best ever Take Me To The River, In the Midnight Hour, Mustang Sally, Too Many Fish in the Sea, Try a Little Tenderness, are the standouts.

Of the 12 in the film, only 2 are actors. The REAL stand-out in this film - besides the "F" word - is Andrew Strong. When Alan was casting for musicians, Robert Strong brought his son, Andrew (at the time Andrew was only 16), and when Alan heard him, well the rest is history!!!!!!!!!

He is a musician, however, he acts the part of the young man who has put the group together and then the manager. He "gives interviews" and they are in unusal places.

He got his part when he stuck a microphone in his mouth and started belting out a song, Alan was impressed.

Fellow on right, holding the trumpet, is not a real musician, however he is a talented actor, and has some incredible lines.

Plays a "wicked piano and organ". Two of the best scenes, are when he is playing the organ in his Catholic Church, and when he goes to confession!!!!!!!

This Is Andrew Strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Andrew started singing the first song, I nearly fell on the floor, it was hard to believe he was only 16 when they made this film. He was perfect. I kept recalling Joe Cocker in Woodstock, when Andrew was singing. Except Andrew sings clearly - it was his facial and body motion.

On left side, she is an actor, not a musician, but she gave a really good performance, as did the other two, who are singers!!!!!!!!!!

I hope my husband can find this somewhere, as I would really like it as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Hope you will give it a shot. By the way, it was filmed in 1991! Still stands the test of time.