Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Protektor" Czech film

"Protektor" Czech Film, winner of 9 Czech Lion awards (Czech Film Academy Awards)

This film is yet another view of what occured when the Nazis marched in and invaded yet one more country. Starts in 1938, set in Prague. Emil, radio reporter, is married to Hana, a beautiful actress who happens to be Jewish. When the Nazis first come to Prague, Emil vows to protect Hana from evil........

Naturally, Emil and his co-workers come under the scrutiny of the Nazis, for whatever reason the Nazis turn a blind eye to Hana for the time being, she is never one of those "rounded up" and taken behind the "wall". Emil is "promoted" when his co-worker voices his opposition to the new regime, Emil starts to waver in his fidelity and loyalty to Hana. Hana turns to the young projectionist at the local theatre who is in love with her. And then the assasination of the Third Reich Deputy Protector occurs. Bicycles play an important part of this part of the story......

James and I really enjoyed this movie, despite the "dark" theme. The photography was very interesting - black and white, muted color. There was some sex, some nudity, however, they did not occur together...... I don't recall any bad language, it was subtitled, which was very easy to follow.

Hope you will consider this film.

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