Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Girl With No Shadow - a novel by Joanne Harris

Well, as typical, I started reading Joanne's "Peaches for Father Francis", and realized that I needed to read this one first.

Vianne, Anouk and baby Rosette, are living in the Montmartre area of Paris, things are not going well with her current shop. However, Zozie, who happens to work across the street in a run down cafe, has her eyes on Vianne - she wants to steal her identity. Zozie is a master identity theft - she is also a witch. With her powers she not only turns Vianne's shop around, she also manages to ensnare Anouk's affections. Rosette is a very unusual child, who Vianne's current "boy-friend" cannot abide - he is constantly saying that he will send her to professionals to correct her inabilibty to speak and behave properly. Roux will make an appearence, which will set things in motion for everyone.

Will Zozie's attempt to steal Vianne's identity work?

Hope you will consider this title.  It was hard to get into, as each chapter is told from Anouk, Vianne and Zozie's point of view. Once I figured that out, I really enjoyed it.

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