Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rescue of Belle and Sundance

Mahatma Gandhi said
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

This story involves two abandoned horses, an errant lawyer (Frank Mackay) and the community of McBride, British Columbia.

Belle and Sundance were left in the Canadian Rockies by Frank MacKay, who had no experience leading pack horses in the wilderness. He figured, wrongly, that they would find their way out of the wilderness back to "civilization". Several folks, over a period of time, had seen these horses wandering around in the alpine area of Mount Renshaw, at the first sightings there was plenty for them to forage for food, as winter drew near, still more sightings - folks would call the RCMP or SPCA, and yet no one made any attempt to get them out of the area, even the lawyer who owned them contacted the authorities, promising to get them (yeah, right!). But when they were still spotted after the snows came to the Rockies, things took on a different perspective. Snowmobile season was fast approaching, and snowmobilers started reported seeing the pair - looking pretty awful.

The community of McBride is made up of folks that depend upon each other, folks born and bred to live in a harsh northern climate, people who farm, breed horses and take care of them, so when Birgit and her friends started hearing of the condition of the two horses, and with the temperature dropping steadily, they decided to take action.

It was just before Christmas 2008 when the action went into full swing.
Digging a trench in snow, in a wilderness area to bring down to pack horses, many folks thought it better to dispatch the horses rather than save them. However, Birgit and community stuck together.

Possilby you might not want to read this story, however, this is a book of determination, strength of character, hope and love. The outcome is "happy".

Please consider this one if you are a supporter of animal rights.

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