Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Soldier Dog a book by Sam Angus

World War I, a time when mankind turned against itself, use of chemical weapons (brings to mind the current situation in Syria) was first introduced in "modern" warfare.

Stanley, a 13 year old, watches as his older brother leaves for France and combat. Stanley and his father have a broken relationship, over dogs that Stanley had taken care of and grown to love, when he awakes one morning Stanley's father and the dogs are no longer on the farm.
Stanley makes the decision that will change his life forever, he leaves home to enlist in the army. Once in the army, he is assigned to the experimental War Dog School, and given a Great Dane, Bones, to train. And so starts Stanley's war time experience.

In a special afterword, the author has included "historical photographs of World War I messenger dogs".

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