Friday, January 24, 2014

English Vinglish

We finished watching this last night.  This is one of those
foreign films that will teach everyone a well deserved lesson.

Perhaps, those of us whose "native tongue" is English take it for granted.  This is not the case for those folks who come to our country with little or no knowledge of English.  There is one particularly sad scene towards the beginning of the film, when Shashi enters a "coffee" shop in NYC to get a coffee and a light meal, due to her lack of English she is treated very poorly by the wait staff and several of the other customers in the shop.  She flees in terror and humiliation, when she is gently tapped upon the shoulder by the man who had been in line behind her.
Shashi takes the biggest leap of her life and enrolls in an English course.

We enjoyed this gem, and every time there was food I could smell the curry!

Hope you will consider this one.

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