Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Things In Heaven and Earth, a novel by Jeff High

First in a new series ----- Watervalley. If you enjoyed Jan Karon's Mitford series, Philip Gulley's Harmony series or Patrick Taylor's Irish Country series, you probably will enjoy this new series.

Luke Bradford is just out of medical school, totally up to his "eyeballs" in debt with student loans, and to help pay off the loans, he accepts the position in Watervalley, Tennessee. Luke's medical heart really yearns to do medical research, however, he also made a promise years earlier to practice in a small town.

On the way down the mountain road, he does something foolish, little does he know that practically the entire population of Watervalley is waiting for his arrival ---- with egg on his face (well, it is really beer on his trousers) he must face all these folks when he exits his beat up automobile. Several disasters occur causing him to wonder, if indeed he is really up to the task of taking on the Watervalley and its needs.

There are some REALLY funny scenes, some heartbreaking scenes, and just a bit of history with the Spanish Flu of 1916 thrown in.

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