Monday, March 17, 2014

All is Lost, a movie

All is Lost, a movie starring Robert Redford.


Well, when one has a husband who sails, and then watches a movie about sailing, one is bound to get to listen to criticisms.  They are little things, but still if one is going to believe he survived the initial accident, then let's look at the little things.
My husband was annoyed that gloves were never worn, he never put his life jacket on, when the waves were pounding the boat and he was on deck, he should have tied himself to something to avoid going overboard. When one has a hole in the hull of the boat, you don't put epoxy over the hole without some sort of backing.

My criticism was when he was in the survival raft, his map was always dry - especially after it flipped over.  Come on.

Otherwise, it was an interesting film to watch.

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