Friday, June 20, 2014

"Museum Hours" a film by Jem Cohen

One day working at the circ desk, this film passed into my hands.  The cover and title intrigued me, so I placed a hold on it.  Several weeks later it came in for me, we passed it over several times to watch "Vera" and "George Gently", and then it came time to either return or watch.

What a surprise!   If you like ACTION or VIOLENCE in films, well, this film is NOT for you.  If you enjoy visual imagery, art and "real life" type situations then please give this one a consideration.

Shot in Vienna and the Kunsthistorisches Art museum in Vienna, we meet a museum security guard who befriends a Canadian woman (she has come to Vienna as the last family member of a cousin in hospital in a coma).  Jem has artfully filmed not only this unusual relationship, he has filmed inside this museum with great care and insight.  The art of Bruegel, the elder, is discussed and viewed through the lens and one docent at the museum ---- one sees and "looks" differently after hearing her thoughts regarding this artist's works.  Many other works of art are thoughtfully viewed, none are discussed in great length.  Also, we are taken to an underground lake, a local pub and other points of interest in Vienna.

This is a Slow moving, yet highly exciting visual film to enrich the senses.

Hope you will consider it.   Remember if you like action and violence, this one ain't for you!

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