Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free Men, a French film

Another across the circulation desk return.  Looked very interesting, so I checked it out.
Once again, a winner of a film ----- Film Movement has a very good track record for picking independent films.

Set in German occupied Paris, Younes (young Algerian) dabbles in the black market, his cousin is part of the French resistance, which leads to Younes being picked up by the French police - he has the choice of becoming a "snitch" or remain in jail, not much of a choice, but in those times....
As he becomes acquainted with the devout Muslims at the local mosque, he quits helping the French police. 
Seen through the eyes of Younes, we discover how the Muslims of Paris not only joined the French resistance, they aided the Jews of Paris by giving them fake identification papers, and smuggled them to North Africa.

Once again, we found "learning" something about WW II, that was not taught in our history classes.

Although this is a "hard" story to watch, we "enjoyed" the film, the acting was almost "too real". 

If you have about an hour and a half, it is well worth watching.

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