Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Devil's Knot, a film by Atom Egoyan

Atom Egoyan has taken a very difficult story and crafted a thoughtful film. The subject matter is at times very difficult to watch, but very mesmerizing.

Based on a true story about the disappearance and deaths of 3 young boys in a small town in Arkansas, we follow the horrific tale, we are given a view of the ineptitude of the local law enforcement.  The Judge, the prosecution, the jury all seemed to be bent on the guilt of the 3 teenage boys who are accused of the crime, without looking into any evidence brought forth by a private investigator who provided his services "pro bono".  

The three defendants (all under the age of 19) are accused of "devil worship".  In 2011, all three were released from prison after almost 20 years in prison.  Their story was recently discussed on NPR, at about the time this film was released.

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