Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eric Bibb

How often do you come across not just one, but two really interesting musicians in a very short period of time?  Not that often.

I should have written about Eric Bibb first, however, Alan was still "singing" in my mind, so that was why I wrote about him.

On to Eric - he has been singing for 4 decades!?  Well, he never was on my radar, until my best friend sent me 2 of his CDs.

Listening to his music is refreshing, and highly enjoyable. Couldn't quite figure who he reminded me of, something about his style jogged my memory of the late Eva Cassidy (what a loss to the music world), and then just a few days after the loss of the great B.B. King, it occurred to me that there was just a hint of the great master's style in Eric's music - so if you are a fan of either of these two late musicians, you very well might enjoy Eric, that is if you haven't already discovered him.

Hope you will consider Eric.

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