Monday, June 15, 2015

To The Best of our Knowledge NPR edition 6-14-15

True Stories Of A Warehouse Worker

A few years ago, journalist Mac McClelland went undercover to find out what really happens when you order something online from a site like Amazon. As it turns out, all that ecommerce is still largely driven by humans, many of whom work backbreaking temporary jobs in massive warehouses.

Yesterday (6-14-15) I happened to be listening to NPR's program To The Best of our Knowledge, the first story was about working in a shipping warehouse - Amazon is not named until the very last of the piece. 
I came away glad that I am one of the last remaining dinosaurs that does not use Amazon's services, I would hate to be involved in "slave labor" practices in this day and age.

You can download it or listen to from their website - To The Best of our Knowledge.

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