Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Other Son --- film by Lorraine Levy

Consider this for a moment - one day you wake up and discover that you are NOT you have always thought you were.  What exactly would you do?

And so The Other Son poses this question.

Joseph has taken the required DNA test to become a soldier in the Israeli military - only problem is that his blood type does NOT match that of either his mother or father.  After tracing back 18 years to the night of his birth, his parents are told that a nurse at the hospital mistakenly switched two babies (during night bombing in the West Bank). Yacine, the other baby, has been brought up in the Palestinian section of Tel Aviv, and has just completed the first portion of medical school in Paris.

Naturally, both sets of parents are distraught - the mothers simply want to hold their true sons, the fathers and Yacine's Palestinian brother have entirely different views of this devastating news.

We watched this story unfold - the filming in both Tel Aviv, proper, and the Palestinian section, show the major differences of how each side lives.  This was one of the most compelling films from the Middle East that we have seen - it was hard to watch knowing the pain that was caused by a mistake, yet it was hard to not watch - it was hard to watch seeing how the two sides distrust and "hate" each other, yet it was impossible not to watch how these two families overcame their differences to accept the truth about "the other son".

I would certainly recommend this film to everyone who is interested in current world history.

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