Friday, September 9, 2016

Indian Summers, a PBS Masterpiece series

On the advice of a library patron, I took this DVD series home with me - we are only watching one segment at a time, it is VERY heavy, the first season has, I believe 12 segments.  We just heard that it is going into season 3, so it must have hit the right audience.

If you are familiar with Julie Walters (Educating Rita, Mrs. Weasley of Harry Potter series, and Mamma Mia film you know who she is) plays the most despicable Englishwoman, I have ever seen, in this series. So, I can pretty much say that her acting abilities are quite spectacular, as she has run the gauntlet of light to heavy characters.

This is set in India during the 1940's, when the English still ruled "imperially" over much of the world - (and people call Americans the "Ugly American").  Their treatment of the Indian population was despicable!

Interesting look at history from a different perspective.

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