Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WOW or "Word of the Week" at the library

Several years ago, our library started WOW, "Word of the Week", which is posted on the front counter, it is very popular with the library patrons.

Recently, I suggested this word:

"Snollygoster:  snoll-ee-gos-ter, a noun.
   Somebody especially a politician , whose actions are motivated by self-interest rather than by high principles."  

Not only does this apply to the person residing in the White House, it also applies to several members of Congress, two in particular, the House Majority leader, and the Senate Majority leader.  How they can look themselves in the mirror in the morning is beyond belief - and how they can continue to parrot what Trashmouth says and not realize how untruthful they have become.
SHAME on them!

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readingpam said...

Great word and great blog! I agree that Republican congressman and senators must begin acting like citizens of the United States instead of Trump sycophants. I appreciate your blogs and letters. Thanks Mira!