Thursday, February 17, 2011

"because of mr. terupt" second time........

If you think you are seeing double, well, yes and no.

You may have already read my review of this book. I am not changing my mind - it still is MAGICAL!

I just wanted to add that the other evening, I emailed the author, Rob Buyea, telling him how much I enjoyed this book. Today I received a lovely email reply from him.

And I quote "Thank you so much for your heartfel email. It means a lot to me. And thank you for encouraging teachers to use Mr. Terupt. I pictured a teacher reading the story aloud as I wrote it......"

If you are interested in contacting this author or any author, please do not ever hesitate - authors are people just like you and me, they love it when someone writes and tells them how much their book meant to you. I have a very dear friend in England, widow of an author that I had written to years ago after reading his book - we corresponded for years before his death, and then Clare, Robert's widow, and I became friends after his death.

WRITE that letter or email. Pound those keys or pick up that pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob, as he signed his email, even suggested that I encourage the teachers in our area to contact him about skyping with him - how about that?

Once again, I am hoping that you will consider reading this delightful book. Let me know - you are allowed to make comments on my blog!

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