Monday, February 7, 2011

"Mommo, the bogeyman" a Turkish film by Atalay Tasdiken

"Mommo, the bogeyman" a film directed by Atalay Tasdiken.
Jay Weissberg, of Variety magazine said of this film " A heart-wrenching tale....lensed with static beauty."
James and I finished watching this film last night. It is a very beautifully photographed movie, at the end of the film there is a line "inspired by a true event", what an event!
Set in a small village in Turkey, we follow the lives of brother and sister, Ahmet and Ayse, whose father has left them with his deceased wife's invalid father. The grandfather is attempting to make arrangements for them to move to Germany and live with their aunt, but circumstances and events in Germany cause this effort to come to a halt. Ahmet and Ayse's father has remarried and his new wife has refused to let them come live with them, one of her sons is a first class bully causing much trouble for Ahmet. Scorned and ridiculed by other children in the village, Ahmet and Ayse spend all their time together. Ayse's main desire is for their father to love them and take them back, but he is too much of a wimp to stand up to his new wife.
There is what is called "children's house" in Turkey, one surmises either an orphanage or worse, a place where the children are put to work - even though under age.
The ending will just make one sad, glad to be an American, and filled with rage that these conditions still occur in our modern world.
The young actors in the film, are real-life cousins, and first time performers. They give such incredible performances.
Hope you will consider this one.

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