Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Net" a movie

The Net, a movie starring Sandra Bullock Once again, here I am suggesting that our society has become TOO dependent on doing all of our "business" over the INTERNET! I mentioned this earlier in my blog after James read a book "Cyber War", how even the Pentagon's system with all its firewalls, etc, can still be broken into......... Watching "The Net" was really creepy, scary, and eye-opening! One is constantly warned not to offer some info over the NET, and yet, still we hear of people being scammed out of their money, identities. You are probably not convinced, and although this movie is a piece of fiction, it does lay out how "Evil" manipulative folks can cause havoc for individuals, and society........ All which you hold private, is just out there for the world to peruse, with just a click of the mouse. Medical information being a real bogey man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about this, you go into a hospital for an allergic reaction, someone comes along and switches your info to being a diabetic!!!!!!! This movie is one to consider, as the say "Buyer Be Ware"

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