Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Oogy" a book by larry levin

Sammy says about the story of Oogy, we have so much in common!

Sammy is a rescue cat from the no-kill animal shelter on Camano Island, WA. CASA

During the horrific winter of 2008-2009, with all the snow that fell on Camano Island, Sammy was found by an animal lover, who took him to CASA. Sammy had been brutally attacked by an unknown animal, raccoon, large dog, or cat, his injuries were extensive.

The staff at CASA made the decision to do all they could to help Sammy survive. The local vet, across the road from the shelter, did major medical work to bring Sammy back to a "normal" life. He spent nearly 2 months at the shelter before he was adopted.

I have to admit that Sammy was not my first choice - he was my third choice, and as they say "third time is a charm", however, it was due to the fact that Sammy was huddled in a corner of the shelter still recovering from his injuries that I did not see him on the first visit. Eventually, I discovered him on their website, about a week later. On the day I took him home, one of the workers at the shelter told me that I was the only person who had expressed interest in adopting him - boy, all those other folks missed out on the cat of a lifetime!

Sammy's injuries included major damage to his left eye tear duct, consequently, that eye weeps, and occasionally droops. His one ear has a huge lump from the injury there, he had been shaved on his upper back/neck area where he had surgery, he has several areas where the fur will never grow again. With all these injuries, as in Oogy's case, Sammy is the most lovable cat James and I have ever had the privilege to know, "own", and love.

Cat lovers know that when one brings home a new "older" cat, they always head for a bed to hide under, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes longer. Sammy was like any other cat, however, he was under the bed for less than an hour, then he was out exploring the house. When James came home later that afternoon, he was quite interested in him, and after supper, jumped right up on James' lap - it was his favorite place to be, for almost a whole year he chose James's lap over mine.

Unlike Oogy, Sammy is strictly an indoor animal, so he is pretty safe from further animal inflicted injuries. He is perfectly happy "flying" from window to window to view the outside world.

Sammy and Oogy are both very fortunate animals that they were at the right place at the right time and the "right" people happened to be there to adopt them and love them.

Oogy's story told by Larry is a beautiful testament to the love of animal and human. I finished this book last night - it is well worth reading, so I hope that you will consider reading it.

By the way, the cover photo of Oogy suggests that Oogy might be a pit bull, however, Larry learns that Oogy is a Dogo - an Argentinian breed that is not usually seen in USA.

Happy Reading!

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