Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Suryia & Roscoe : the true story of an unlikely friendship" by Bhagavan Antle

If you want to read a delightfully, heartwarming story of love and friendship, you need to read Suryia & Roscoe by Bhagavan Antle.

Set in South Carolina, this is an animal preserve, that will win you over to wanting the "underdog" animals to make it.

What a smile!

Orangutans, generally, don't get in water willingly. However, you can observe that Suryia, with her life jacket on, is very calmly enjoying her time with Roscoe in the pool.

This book will be found in the children's section of your library, or in the children's dept in bookstores......... However, you look for it, make sure you pick it up and enjoy it!!!!!!

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