Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver BC riots after the Hockey loss to Boston

Well, NOT everyone was intent on burning the city of Vancouver, BC down after the Canucks lost the final game in the Stanley Cup playoffs to Boston.

If you haven't seen or heard about what happened in Vancouver, BC last night (6-15-2011), you probably might want to check out a news website - CBC, CTV, Global, BBC, CNN - and read what happened.

After the game was over, James turned the tv off, naturally, we were disappointed, he went out and pruned his grape vine, I wrote book reviews in my journal. Afterwards, we watched a segment of JAG, then tuned in for the news on CBC, live coverage was being shown on Global, James switched to CBC, however, they were doing all their national news, he switched to CTV, and for an hour and a half we sat and watched events unfold on tv. It was distressing, disgusting, upsetting, to see mostly ALL young men - I would say in the area of 99.99% were MALE, most were white, very few had their faces covered, so chances are they will be found and arrested!!!!!!! However, we did not see the above.

It was scary to see the journalists walking through the area, knowing full well that the crowd could easily turn on them and not much could have been done to prevent further violence.

After the hooligans/vandals broke windows and looted The Bay, they then went to London Drugs, then to Sears, then to Chapters. How will they ever be able to look at themselves again in the mirror and think they are MEN? They are thugs plain and simple, they deserve to spend the rest of their lives carrying their guilt around their necks -- sort of like Hester in the Scarlet Letter.

Sorry, I had to get this one out of my system...........

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Linda said...

You are so right on! What were they thinking...probably just way too much alcohol flowing..