Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Confessions of a Bigamist" a novel

"Confessions of a Bigamist" by Kate Lehrer

Usually, I only post positive comments about books I have read or movies I have seen, however, this posting is about as negative as I will ever get.

SPOILER ALERT, I will tell how it ends, as it is one reason I didn't like the book.

On the Diane Rehm show one morning, Jim Lehrer and his wife Kate were on Diane's show. She discussed, briefly, her book, so I thought it might be a good read. Placed a hold on it, then checked it out at the library. Glad I didn't pay for it.

While it started out rather well, writing was good, story was different, yet interesting. However, there came a time when I started thinking "why am I still reading this?" Answer, I just wanted to see if she was going to "Pay" for her amoral decision.

Basic outline of story Michelle is married to a "high-powered" internationally known lawyer, she owns a fairly well known company (get rid of clutter type of company) and is known as Daisy when she goes on speaking tours. They have no children, lead somewhat separate lives with all the traveling they both do, own a very sterile apartment in NYC. Husband is sent to Japan for 6 weeks, she travels to Texas for one of her seminars, where she meets a good-looking environmentalist who finds her attractive - he pursues her, since lawyer husband is in Japan, she thinks "what the heck", so starts an affair - I could have accepted it to that point - environmentalist decides to call her Mickey. Hence, we now have Daisy, Michelle, Mickey characters who have to play certain roles at certain places and times. Environmentalist is losing patience with her always going back to NYC, wants to go with her, she refuses, he offers her either calling it off or getting married - are you still with me here? - it is at this point that I am starting to get a little weary of her. They fly to Las Vegas and get married, are you still there?

Daisy/Michelle/Mickey are now starting to have qualms and fears of losing both husbands and both living styles...... and I am getting more tired of her ....... Consequently, Daisy, at a seminar in Philadelphia, seems to be having a nervous breakdown and basically implodes during the seminar....... Oh, I forgot the problems she has with her sister - that also involves a niece who seems to have an eating disorder........ She arrives at her sister's house quite ill - possibly pneumonia but never really stated - she decides that she is going to confess to lawyer husband next time they are together, or maybe she will divorce environmentalist husband. Are you ready for this?????????? She decides to stay married to each of them...... no consequences for being a liar, a fraud and a bigamist... Bad ending, sorry, Kate.

I would NOT recommend this book to anyone!

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