Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Get Low, A True Tall Tale", movie

"Get Low, A True Tall Tale" a movie.


Robert Duvall, Lucas Black

Bill Murray

Sissy Spacek

Bill Cobbs

This movie kept coming across the circ desk at the library. I had never heard of it, seen any advertisements in print or on the airwaves, however it had MANY holds on it. The cast intrigued me greatly - I mean Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek together????? - so naturally, I placed a hold on it, waited about 4 months for it.

Felix Bush (Robert Duval) has lived as a hermit for 40 years, after a terrible incident. Felix is either hated or feared by those that live in the town nearby. As he approaches the end of his life, he decides to have a "pre-funeral" if only someone will come forward with a story about him. To add to the mystery, Felix suggests to the local undertaker to hold a lottery, the winner will get all of his property. Felix is disappointed when there are no takers with any stories, but the money just keeps rolling in for the lottery.

This story was told so well, the photography was stunning, and believe it or not, Bill Murray and Robert Duvall played well off of each other.

Towards the end of the movie, Felix used a phrase that James (due to his southern background) uses frequently - usually when James says it folks look at him and ask him what it means - "get shed of ", it can also be spelled "get shet of", which is how it sounds. Meaning is to be rid of something or someone.

We thoroughly enjoyed this film, so give it a try.

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Linda said...

I saw this movie twice in the movie theater! Once with a friend while I was traveling away from home..loved it..came home and went with my husband because he is a big Robert Duval fan. (I left out the fact that I had seen it and enjoyed it as much the second time)