Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Foreign Letters" a film by Ela Thier

"Foreign Letters" a film by Ela Thier through the Film Movement organization.

Based on the filmmaker's childhood experiences, on the outer surface this appears to a childrens' film, however, digging deeper into the story one realizes that this is a film of all ages.
12 year old Ellie moves to America with her family from Israel as her father does not want to fight wars in the army of his country.  When Ellie and her family move to America, they know no English, Ellie attends school where she is lonely and treated rudely by some of the "established" girls.  Slowly, as she observes Thuy from "afar", she decides to become friends with Thuy, a Vietnamese refugee.  Struggles occur as shame of her family's residence, Thuy lies to Ellie many times about why Ellie cannot visit Thuy's "home".  Evidentually, Ellie and Thuy develop a unique friendship, thorny and uneven at times.
At the very end of the film, one sees the Real "Ellie and Thuy" - Ela plays the mother of Ellie in the film.
My husband and I were spellbound over this film.
Hope you will consider it.

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