Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Death in Paradise - BBC series

Death in Paradise   BBC tv series.   According to what I read on a google search, this is the top tv series in the UK, beating out Downton Abbey and Midwife.

Quirky British detective inspector Richard Poole has been transferred to the small island of Saint Marie, a culture and climate totally out of Richard's understanding.  In addition to those unfamiliar situations, he is also faced with a 3 person police force with their own methods of solving crimes - rarely murder.  Richard is a "hoot", never adapting the traditional Island clothing, to keep comfortable, always in his suit, tie and leather shoes,  and carrying his briefcase.   His methods are unique, his local force are always amazed at how he solves the crime, but solve them he does.

Oh, by the way, the cottage by the sea comes with its own live-in lizard, which Richard, at first, tries to scare off, however, the lizard quickly becomes Richard's pet.

British humor abounds, even if this is a "crime" series. Great Caribbean music throughout the series!

Check it out, and hope you enjoy.

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