Friday, November 20, 2015

Judge John Deed, British TV series

Judge John Deed, a British TV series.

We just finished watching this series.  Enjoyed it very much.

This series deals with the judicial view of "crime", and all the "in's and out's" that occur in British society.  The Judge (Martin Shaw, who also portrays George Gently) is a high court judge -  of and until himself - afraid of no scandal, those wishing to take him down can throw his way, and there are quite of few in "high places" who would just love to see him thrown out of the high court.  We see how corruption can take over government officials. Interesting look, even if it is "made up".

This is one time that a REAL Government did BAN, not just ONE segment of a series, but TWO segments. That was eye-opening!

Hope you will consider watching this one - one side view is  - The Judge is pretty much one who cannot seem to get enough "sex", it can be a put down for those who don't like that, however, it is never shown on screen, just implied.

Cast  includes

    Martin Shaw

      Jenny Seagrove
        Caroline Langrishe
          Louisa Clein
            Donald Sinden
              Barbara Thorn
                  Simon Chandler

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