Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Eagle Huntress, a movie

We recently watched this amazing film.

The starkness of the Mongolian landscape is positively breath-taking!  The winter scenes will literally cause you to shiver while watching ---- it was stated that it was -40 degrees (F)!  One could even see the eagle's breath!  Can't imagine living in that cold!

Aisholpan, a 13 year old girl, has been brought up in a traditional family of Mongolian eagle hunters - all she has ever dreamed of is becoming an eagle huntress, of course, even in these days, Mongolia is a traditionally male dominated society!  However, her father and grandfather, both champion eagle hunters, support her dream of becoming the first female eagle huntress. 
Step by step, from her finding and securing her own eagle, to school days, to training for the world's eagle competition, held annually in Mongolia, we travel with Aisholpan through her journey. 

Determination is the Name of this girl's game, and no man on earth is going to stop her - those that were against her being in the competition are simply left speechless after her victory!

Just shows that We Women are just as strong and determined as those of the opposite sex!   

Great movie!

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