Sunday, January 24, 2016

"The Martian" a Ridley Scott film

The Martian a film by Ridley Scott, with Matt Damon, as if you haven't heard about it. 

We watched this film last night - I do recall that when my husband saw the trailers on tv, when it first came out, he didn't seem too impressed with it.  However, since we watched the Golden Globe Award ceremony, and it won a globe for Matt and a globe for best in its category, he changed his mind.

Well, it really is a movie worth watching - we really enjoyed it.  At the end, my husband stated "it was a really great film" - he rates most science fiction type films against "2001 a Space Odyssey" which he has always enjoyed.

Ridley did a very good job in getting inside the minds of all the main characters, astronauts, NASA officials and the "techy" geeks.  

And then we watched the Women's Ice Skating U.S. championships - talk about going from one form of spectacular to another......  Good job Gracie Gold!

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