Friday, February 5, 2016

My review of "Blueprints" by Barbara Delinsky from Goodreads

 by Barbara Delinsky

Well, I have never read anything by Barbara previously, and the ONLY reason I chose this one was due to the title, as my husband is the co-owner of "The Blueprint Company" in Mt. Vernon, WA, and his business partner's husband was recently added to the Top 15 Seattle area architects - he is a highly internationally recognized architect due to his award winning "Tsunami House" on Camano Island, WA.

Although Barbara acknowledges architects and construction people at the end of her book, I felt that using the title "Blueprints" was REALLY a stretch. As I hear all types of conversations about blueprints, architectural design, and personally know many building contractors (2 in my immediate family), and am currently watching the construction of my best friends' house down the street, I felt disappointed that there was NOT more regarding how designs are really brought forth, nor the complicated process of doing the actual blueprints (although they are no longer "blue") - one cannot believe how many pages there are in even the "smallest" of plans, nor the fact that there have to be so many "sets" for the various contractors associated with the construction.

The story, building of characters and their inter-relationships was very interesting.

I probably will not read any further books by Barbara, although I would not rule out suggesting her books to others.

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