Sunday, March 13, 2016

5 to 7, a film by Victor Levin

A film by Victor Levin, 5 to 7, is a charming, quiet film about 2 people who have a chance encounter on a New York City street.

Brian (Anton Yelchin) is an aspiring writer, who has papered his apartment with all his rejection notices.  Arielle (Berenice Marlohe) is the wife of a diplomat.  Glancing across the street at each other, things just "click" between the two.   Brian is a 20 something, Arielle is a 30 something.  

Arielle sets the guide line that they can only meet from 5 to 7 at a very high end hotel - she also lets him know that she is married and that this is something the French have no qualms about doing.

One of the most humorous scenes in the film is set in a high end restaurant where Brian's parents Arlene (Glenn Close) and Sam (Frank Langella) meet Arielle.  I won't spoil it, however, it was so amusing that we had to watch just that scene twice.

Brian is introduced to an up and coming literary agent by Arielle's husband at a dinner party that Valery (Lambert Wilson) has invited Brian to - and of course, in the French manner, Valery is pleased to "invite Brian into his family" as his wife's lover.

Berenice Marlohe has the most amazing smile I have ever seen - my husband couldn't get over her smile.

Hope you will consider watching this one.

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