Friday, March 25, 2016

Big Short, a Movie

The Big Short, a film about the collapse of the housing market industry during the early 2000's, created by the banking industry in the United States, four groups of outsiders were on to something about the fraud that the banking industry was pulling on the American public. Working independently of each other, these four groups tried to take down the banking industry on their own, they risked everything.

We know that several of the oldest banks in our country collapsed because of what occurred, however Goldman Sacks is still around, and someone, running for a high political office, recently took a 6 figure amount for a speaking fee from Goldman Sacks ---- too bad the money wasn't given to a Food Bank(s) or homeless shelter(s)!

This film was riveting in its progression - lots of the "F" word throughout, loud music - it was very interesting to know that many of the banks were bailed out by our government, that those in power were really a bunch of heartless, greedy folks that don't deserve to earn the countless millions and, some, billions of dollars, when they are the ones who caused such a jump in foreclosures on homes and created a huge segment of the American population to become homeless.  SHAME on THEM!

"Glad" we watched it, worth watching.

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