Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Valley BBC series

Happy Valley, a BBC series which I bumped into at the circulation desk a week or so ago.

Sarah Lancashire stars as police sergeant Catherine Cawood in this award winning drama.  Apparently this role was written specifically for Sarah.

Set in Yorkshire, with amazing scenery of a compact village, which is plagued with drug issues, Sarah is thrown into a whirlwind of events when Tommy Lee Royce is released from prison - Sarah blames this no-good for the death (suicide) of her daughter.  The kidnapping of the daughter of the prominent business owner in the village becomes the main focus of the series - typically the parents do as the kidnappers demand, they do not contact the police and they pay money. Until...........

We have been recently watching "Scott and Bailey" another BBC series, my husband stated that Happy Valley is a much better production.  That having been said, Happy Valley does have MUCH more violence (but without the use of guns, except in one scene) than Scott and Bailey, however, Sarah Lancashire is a much more likable person.  Also the first series is a continuing series - all 7 episodes are connected, which made it more realistic in terms of the actual length it takes crimes to be solved.

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