Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rex Huppke's 7-20-16 Chicago Tribune editorital

Until today, I had not read an editorial by Rex Huppke, of the Chicago Tribune  7-20-16.

The editorial is titled  "Apparent plagiarism only one part of bizarre, disturbing day".

Melania Trump has become the "poster girl" for teachers around the world, when writing, literature classes are studying plagiarism.  The fallout from this event has placed blame on her speech writers, yet just days earlier she had been interviewed on tv - stating she "wrote it with as little help as possible"?????????????

Rex quotes Iowa Rep. Steve King's comments, which would certainly seem to create more tension between the "races". I would be ashamed to be from Iowa!  

It would appear that "Trashmouth" was unable to find main stream celebrities (maybe he fired too many of them on his stupid program) that he had to come up with Antonio Sabato Jr., who stated "he is absolutely certain that President Barack Obama is a Muslim"!  

Ah, to be a fly on the wall at the Pearly Gates when all these folks finally "meet their maker" to account for all their falsehoods and hatred!

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