Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bab Aziz --- Tunisian film

"Bab Aziz, The Prince who contemplated his Soul", a Tunisian film with Arabic and Farsi, English subtitles.

James and I watched this "lovely" film several weeks ago. Once again one from the Middle East that just caught us with the story, the photography, the beauty, the music and the dancing. Don't forget the dancing! Whirling Dervishes!!!!!

Bab'Aziz is on a pilgrimage with his granddaughter, Ishtar, in search of the great reunion of dervishes that occurs only once every thirty years. Bab'Aziz is in search of what he lost many years ago, and needs Ishtar to help guide him there, as he was blinded in his younger years. Ishtar asks many questions, Bab'Aziz relates the tale of a young prince who gave up his realm. As the tale unfolds, Ishtar and the viewers come to understand that Bab'Aziz is recounting his very own story.

This is a lovely tale of lost love and found love.

Happy viewing. Hope you enjoy!

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