Friday, March 16, 2012

"A Simple Curve" a Canadian film

James and I watched this a few weeks ago. It is always enjoyable to view the Film Movement series of "Indie" films, Hollywood sticks to the same old stuff, they need to wake up and see what else is out there!
This is a Canadian film, filmed in British Columbia, so the scenery is breath-taking. Of course, that being said, one also gets an earful of the "f" word, I think one can "turn" it our mentally if one really tries.
Premise is Father (fled USA during the Vietnam war, and remained in Canada even after the amnesty for deserters was granted) and son own a down-trodden wood working business in a tiny hamlet. They strive to produce only the very best to offer to would be buyers. An "old" friend of the father arrives one day to possibly bring a major source of business for them, the son falls for it "hook, line and sinker", the father is not impressed. Needless to say there is disharmony between the two.
There are some really humorous scenes, especially the "outdoor" toilet - for those who have septic systems, one can really appreciate the on-going situation with not having a working indoor
toilet!!!!!! James and I really enjoyed one scene in particular - what a hoot!
Hope you will consider this one.

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