Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marion Bridge, a Canadian film

Marion Bridge, a Canadian film, by Wiebke Von Carolsfeld.

James and I watched this film several nights ago. This is not a light and fuzzy film, it took us by surprise, as it starts out very "gloomy" indeed. Three sisters have grown apart, two sisters have remained living with their dying mother in Nova Scotia, while the third has been living in Toronto where she has finally overcome her drug and alcohol additions, however, she smokes one cigarette after another........ Agnes returns to make peace with her dying mother and her estranged sisters, AND to attempt to gain entrance to the daughter she left behind, who knows nothing of Agnes.

The sisters share unspoken memories of the "abuse" they suffered at their father's hands, he now lives in a "neater" neighborhood in a "better" house. When they finally come face to face with him and his "new" wife, their hatred is shattered when they realize he is no longer mentally functioning......

The very end of the film really blew me away, "The song for the Mira", sung by the three cast members - well, it is pronounced the way I pronounce Mira, and I never knew there was a river in Nova Scotia with my name........ You can hear it on "YouTube" look for the version from the movie. At the end, you will come to understand the title of the film.

The acting in this was so very well done, it was heartbreaking to watch some scenes, however, it was a very well done movie.

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