Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"The Beginner's Goodbye", novel by Anne Tyler

Well, I have been waiting for Anne to return to her "golden" days of writing, with her previous novel, "Noah's Compass" she started the journey back. With "The Beginner's Goodbye" she has RETURNED to her "golden" art. This is a "simple" yet wonderfully written story. When I picked up my copy at the local bookstore, not only was it a first edition, it was autographed - SPECIAL!

Thank YOU Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne's signature location is Baltimore. Aaron's family has owned a "vanity" press publishing firm, that more or less fashioned books on the "dummies" series books, hence the titles always begin with "the beginner's"...... Consequently, "The Beginner's Goodbye" deals with how to say farewell to the dearly departed. Aaron's wife, Dorothy, a physician, dies in a "freak" accident when the huge tree next to their house falls and crushes the room she was working in. Aaron can no longer abide in the house, especially after the rains come, so he moves in with his sister, Nandina who resides in the house where they both grew up. Walking one day near his and Dorothy's home, he sees her on the street. Aaron's sightings of Dorothy continue over the course of time, until one day she seems to be finally saying "goodbye". The ending was simply Anne Tyler at her best.

Hope you will read this one.

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