Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sacred Horses a book by Jonathan Maslow

Sacred Horses  a book by Jonathan Maslow

I read this book in 1995, according to my journal. 

A very interesting history lesson, as well as a social commentary.  The Sacred Horses of Turkmenistan, otherwise known as the Akhal-Teke breed, was very nearly wiped off the face of the earth under the Soviet domination of Turkmenistan.  This breed is found in the desert area of Turkmenistan, and is considered to probably be the forerunner to the modern day Thoroughbred, it is valued not only for its unique beauty, but for its amazing stamin (can cover 125 miles a day for weeks on end).  Jonathan not only examines this incredible breed of horse, he also explores the unusual side effects of the downfall of the Soviet Union on many of its former states.  Turkmenistan is one of the more unusual former Soviet states, as it is almost entirely Muslim, with few amenities. 
I don't know if this title is still available for purchase, it seemed to be listed in Amazon when I was doing a google search for the title.  I do know that Sno-Isle does not currently own any copies.  I do recall that I enjoyed reading this title very much, and I learned quite a bit about this unusual, and unknown to me, breed of horse.     If you can find a copy of this title, I would strongly suggest you give it a shot.

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