Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tavern on Maple Street a novel by Sharon Owens

 Tavern on Maple Street, a novel by Sharon Owens

According to my journal, I read this in 2006

Untouched by the modern world, the quaint Victorian pub is a much loved place, by the locals and owners, Jack and Lily Beaumont.  Not just a business, a family tradition to all who work or enjoy "the stout".  However, bad times appear to be coming, as a property developer has hopes of demolishing the tavern to build a MALL - woe is me! - this event thrusts Jack and Lily into the limelight.  The countdown continues to D-Day (demolish day), UNTIL, yes, UNTIL a work of art is uncovered under a wall covering - BUT this work of art CAN'T be moved, it can only be seen if the building remains intact!   Thank Heavens for undiscovered ART!

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