Monday, April 30, 2012

This book was read back in 1993.

Two Against the Sahara, by Michael Asher. 

Due to having lived on the Sahara Desert as a child, I find reading accounts of folks trekking the Sahara very interesting.

Only married 5 days, Tom and his new wife, Mariantonietta, begin not only a new journey of marriage, but the journey of a lifetime, that few will ever experience, to cross the Sahara Desert from west to east.  Passing through many obstacles, man-made and nature-made, crossing on camels, the drifting sands come and go, as do various guides and government regulations.  Some of the tales told by Michael are frightening, some life threatening, some humorous, but put altogether they make a strong statement for the inner strength one finds when faced with insurmountable odds, and the joy one feels with accomplishment.  One can taste the sand, feel the heat, savor the cool of the shade, this was a great journey.

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