Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Tuscan Childhood" Kinta Beevor

Tuscan Childhood,  a memoir by Kinta Beevor

According to my journal this book was read in 1999.

Kinta's father, Aubrey Waterfield, a painter of the "upper middle" English class, purchased a castle "on top" of a mountain outside the Tuscanvillage of Aulla, consequently, Kinta and her brothers had a most interesting and unusual childhood, which was interrupted by WWI.  Legendary figures such as D.H. Lawrence, Robert Trevelyan, and Rex Whistler were among some of those who would be guests of her family.  With the onslaught of WWII, the family was uprooted and returned to their English homeland. Among all of the interesting people involved in her life, her great-aunt Janet Ross happened to have lived in the Tuscan area since the mid 1860's, all of these folks had a direct impact on her life.  This memoir was written in her later life.

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