Saturday, April 21, 2012

Into the Forest, a novel by Jean Hegland

Into the Forest, a novel by Jean Hegland

A grim look into the future, when (and if) society and civilization fail.   Sisters, Eva and Nell, have been "left" in what is remaining of the Northern woods in California.  Before the phones and the electricity failed, they lived in this "paradise" with their parents, their mother died of cancer before the failures started, after things started failing, their father died from a horrible accident in the woods.

Eva had dreams of being a dancer, Nell had her sites of attending Harvard, however, with the failures both girls must come to grips with what the future really holds for them. 

This is obiviously NOT a light and fuzzy read, however, the writing is excellent.  I read this title in March of 2000.   It seems to still be a popular book, as I see it go in and out of the library frequently.  Consider this one when you need something with a bit of "meat" to it.

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